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121 E Water St FL5
Syracuse, NY 13202


Orange Vessel Company makes unique stoneware beer growlers. Our signature product is our slipcast 64 oz. (2 liter) Growler64. Craft Beer, Meet Craft Vessel

inside the kiln.jpg

How We Make 'Em

Our growlers are manufactured right here in America - specifically Something, Ohio, where there also happens to be an abundance of hops farms and microbreweries.  We use slipcasting, an awesome method of manufacturing that takes liquid clay and magically makes it solid.  Cool, right?  We thought so too, so we took some pictures to show you the process of building these excellent drinkholders.


Our slipcasting lab in Something, Ohio.


Slip being poured into the molds.




Wet pieces are left to air dry before being fired.


Pieces are fired inside the kiln.


Here is a tiny image of the finished pieces sitting together like a nice family.