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121 E Water St FL5
Syracuse, NY 13202


Orange Vessel Company makes unique stoneware beer growlers. Our signature product is our slipcast 64 oz. (2 liter) Growler64. Craft Beer, Meet Craft Vessel



Why buy a stoneware growler?

We are so glad you asked. Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, there are a bunch of reasons that stoneware is really great.

1. It's awesome.

2. Stoneware is a natural insulator, so it keeps your beer colder for longer.

3. Since it's completely opaque, no light gets in to our growlers, so your beer won't get skunked.

4. Each Orange growler comes with a flip-style topper and silicon gasket. This system is way more effective at sealing in carbonation than screw tops, so your beer will stay fresher longer.

5. It's still awesome.


How long will your growlers keep beer cold and fresh for?

You should always refrigerate your beer if it's going to be more than a couple hours before you drink it. However, our growlers will keep your beer cold for a few hours at least. Additionally, once a growler is opened after being poured, the beer will typically stay fresh for between 24 and 48 hours. We recommend opening and finishing your growler within a couple days.


Where are your growlers made?

Our stoneware growlers are hand poured in our slipcasting facility in Zanesville, Ohio.


Can I use your growlers for conditioning or carbonating beer?

Our growlers are designed to transport beer and keep it fresh and tasty. We do not recommend conditioning beer or home brewing in them, as the higher pressure of this process could present a safety risk.


What's the best way to clean a growler?

Dishwashing soap works great for cleaning growlers. Put a couple of drops in the bottom of the growler, fill it halfway with hot water, close the top, and shake it up, making sure that all areas inside the growler are exposed to the soap. Then, empty it out and rinse with hot water until no bubbles are left! You can use a bottle brush if necessary. Place the growler upside down to dry it out, and you're all set! Lastly, remember to keep the topper open a bit when storing so any excess moisture can escape...

*We don't recommend putting your growler in the dishwasher; hand washing is the best process for this.


Where can I find an Orange Vessel growler near me?

At the moment, Orange Vessels are only available online and at select breweries. We will have a list of these breweries available soon, because they are awesome and you should definitely check them out.


Can I store other things in my growler?

Absolutely! Our growlers also work for any other liquid you would want to bring along with you. You can even put flowers in them and use them as a vase if you really want to.


I want a personalized growler for my wedding/event/business/brewery/cake day/etc. Do you offer any customization options?

We most certainly do. Orange growlers can be engraved or pad printed with custom text or graphics. Engraving is great for small quantities or single growlers, since there's no minimum, and you can order one here with instructions at checkout for providing your graphics. Pad printing has a minimum order size of 24 growlers due to the tooling required for it, so that's ideal for breweries or companies that might want their logo or a graphic on a growler. If you're interested in that, shoot us an email at


Do you do wholesale accounts?

Again, we most certainly do. We love partnering with breweries, taphouses, and anywhere else that might be interested in stocking our growlers. Send us an email at, and be sure to check out our customization options (above, if you missed it) in case that catches your fancy.


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