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121 E Water St FL5
Syracuse, NY 13202


Orange Vessel Company makes unique stoneware beer growlers. Our signature product is our slipcast 64 oz. (2 liter) Growler64. Craft Beer, Meet Craft Vessel


ORANGE Vessel News. Custom Beer Growlers make great holiday Gifts! Check back for updates on sales, new features, accessories, and styles, as well as news about shows and fairs that we'll be at. Dive in!

Holiday Gift Guides: Meadist

robert englert

If, on the off chance, you hadn't heard, Orange Vessels aren't just great for beer. They'll keep anything you want cool and refreshing, while also being incredibly convenient for carrying your tasty beverage and doing that better than, say, your hands. One of the great things you might want to put into your Orange Vessel is mead, the delicious forefather to all things fermented. It's made primarily from honey, and our friends at Meadist are dedicated to its consumption and exposition.

To that effect, Meadist made up a great holiday gift guide (which can be seen here) which includes our growlers! And encourages you to buy them to fill with mead. Which we certainly recommend doing. We also recommend checking out more of Meadist, as they've got some great information on all things mead, and some excellent recommendations to try if you've never tasted the deliciousness before. Enjoy!