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121 E Water St FL5
Syracuse, NY 13202


Orange Vessel Company makes unique stoneware beer growlers. Our signature product is our slipcast 64 oz. (2 liter) Growler64. Craft Beer, Meet Craft Vessel

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Our Vision

Orange Vessel Company's mission is to create high quality products that support the craft beer industry. Each and every Orange Vessel is hand poured and finished in the USA. 

One sunny afternoon, while indulging ourselves in the myriad pleasantries of a fresh craft beer, we had the grand epiphany that our glass growlers, while functional, were far from the best that growlers could be. After appropriately absorbing this fact (and the alcohol in our delicious craft beverages), we decided it was time to introduce a new player into the world of craft vessels - one that would be the standard for drinktoting excellence.

Glass growlers are today's standard for brewbearing in large volumes because they're cheap and keep your beer off the floor.  Unfortunately, they've got some issues, like narrow necks that cause foaming, UV exposure, and seals that don't always work. So, we decided to use stoneware instead, which blocks out light, allows for larger necks, and can keep a really tight seal.


Other growlers are vaguely uncomfortable or don't even have a grip (and not many are overly attractive); we resolved these issues with some research, applied ergonomics, and good old fashioned trial and error.


We sketched hundreds of different growler styles to explore form, size, ergonomics, and other factors. This gave us a better understanding of the proportions and general body types we thought were the most compelling and provocative. From these sketches, we created 3D models to experiment more accurately with the dimensions and volume of the growler.


To test the ergonomics of the bottles and to understand how best to attach the swing tops, we explored a variety of different necks. Using our Makerbot, we were able to quickly experiment with new ideas, like whether it was easier to hold the growler with one finger or two and if supports for the topper were necessary.


A negative master mold is made from a precise model of our growler, which then is filled to create a rubber positive mold, which in turn is used to create more molds.


Slip, or watery clay, is mixed to be poured into the new plaster molds. As the pours cure, some of the water in the mix is absorbed into the plaster, and a shell of clay is left inside the mold.


Orange Vessels are hand trimmed, bisque fired, glazed, and then fired again at over 2000 degrees. The swanky final Orange Vessels on the right are still hot in the kiln.