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121 E Water St FL5
Syracuse, NY 13202


Orange Vessel Company makes unique stoneware beer growlers. Our signature product is our slipcast 64 oz. (2 liter) Growler64. Craft Beer, Meet Craft Vessel


ORANGE Vessel News. Custom Beer Growlers make great holiday Gifts! Check back for updates on sales, new features, accessories, and styles, as well as news about shows and fairs that we'll be at. Dive in!

Coming So Soon They're Practically In Your Hands

robert englert


Two really exciting bits of news here; one, that we added a new, nature-inspired color to our lineup, and two, that we got those short-stack ceramic pieces of wonderfulness that are our 32 oz. growlers all set to go! We're pretty stoked about both of these developments, and are looking forward to expanding our products even more in the future. If you have ideas on colors, sizes, collaborations, or anything else, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Let us know below or shoot us an email.

BREWPUBLIC likes our growlers, too

robert englert

Brewpublic, the wonderful Portland-based blog dedicated to everything beer, from news to current events to culture, featured our growlers! We happily provided a growler engraved with their logo for their inspection and they, in turn, gave their earnest thoughts of it. Which were good ones. Check out the article, and be sure to follow Brewpublic for the best of the Brewniverse.

32 oz. Growlers Now in Production

robert englert

Take a sneak peak at the molds that will be making our new 32 oz. brewtotes! Soon these will be filled with slip and little Orange growlers will be popping out everywhere. Check out our process here, and then go over to our store and treat yourself to a new 32 oz. best friend.

New Friends and a Sale at Gessato

robert englert

Our fine funfetchers are now on sale at Gessato! This great webstore & blog combo is an awesome place full of cool things and you should absolutely see what they're writing about and selling (the two don't necessarily coincide). Check out our sale here, and see what else is in stock! Cheers.

Tshirts for Everyone

robert englert

We added some tshirts to our store! They're tagless, screenprinted, and made of pre-shrunk cotton and so therefore we think they are pretty great. Pick one up today and represent Orange with pride. We have them in orange, grey, and black and you should probably get one.

The Future Looks Bright

robert englert

Mostly cause it's filled with good beer. To accompany your tasty beverages this coming weekend, we whipped up this infographic showing why beer is great and what's happening with the industry.


Internet Love On Our New Press Page

robert englert


We're super thankful for the love we've been getting recently from the interwebs! Lots of sites have picked us up, and we're currently in talks with some new partners. You can see the awesome blogs that have featured us on our Press page here (check them out!), and don't forget that you, too, can order customized growlers for your event, business, or brewery! Send us an email with your thoughts at and we'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Or even sooner. Cheers!

We Made Half-Size 32 oz. Growlers

robert englert

..and they're available for preorder! Using magic, we managed to shrink our normal growlers to half size, resulting in an adorable 32 oz. mini-growler that retains the ability to quench your thirst for portable, tasty beverages. The carry ring is still just as big in order to fit your fingers comfortably, and we've applied all our standard colors to these cute little brewbearers. Available now at an early bird discount rate of only $44!

Preorder here for the discount price.

Image from's_Shrinking_Machine

New Feature: Rubber Coated Handles

robert englert


After we started shipping our most excellent quaffluggers, we got some great feedback from one of our patrons: It would be much easier, she said, to close the growler if the topper was a duck. Heeding her wise words, we quickly adjusted our production process to include a rubber coating for the topper handles, not only preventing potential chipping in the surface of the glaze but also making the action of closing the top easier on your hands. Ducks for everyone.

Vote for Us in the 2015 Core77 Design Awards!

robert englert

Orange Vessel Co. is in the news! We were awarded a Professional Notable by the 2015 Core77 Design Awards in the Visual Communication Category, among the likes of Bruce Mau Design, Studio Matthews, and Casa Rex. This awesome award was hard fought for, and the details (and voting for the Community Choice Prize!) can be found here. If you're so inclined, please support us and vote! Voting goes until June 22.