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121 E Water St FL5
Syracuse, NY 13202


Orange Vessel Company makes unique stoneware beer growlers. Our signature product is our slipcast 64 oz. (2 liter) Growler64. Craft Beer, Meet Craft Vessel


A collection of all things ORANGE Vessel Co. and beer-y. Check in for updates on sales, new features, accessories, and styles, as well as news about shows and fairs that we'll be at. Dive in!

Orange Vessel + Labatt Brew House

robert englert

It used to be that scoring some Labatt meant you had to cross the border to the great white north, eh. Now our friends at Labatt USA have made it much easier by opening the new Labatt Brew House in Buffalo NY. We crafted up some limited edition, hand numbered 64oz custom beer growlers to help celebrate the upcoming grand opening. Get them while they last.


Orange Vessel Glass + The Brewery at Orange County Hops

robert englert

We are super excited that our first order of custom Orange Vessel Glass Growlers is going to The Brewery at Orange County Hops in Orange County NY! All of their beers feature hops grown right on their farm. Please be sure to visit them whenever you are in the Hudson Valley and looking for Suds (or NYS Grown Hops). If your brewery is looking for some distinctive glass growlers contact us today for custom printing and wholesale pricing.

Orange Vessel Glass Coming Soon!

robert englert

We have been fine tuning these for the last year and are almost ready to release them into the wild. Introducing our 64 ounce Orange Vessel Glass Growler in beautiful Dark Amber. Shipping this fall. Contact us today to place your wholesale order or order online and we will ship in the fall.

Men's Journal 24 Gift Ideas for Home Bartenders

robert englert

"Homebrewing is a lot of fun until you need to bring some to a party. Nobody needs to hand bottle when they have a stylish growler that’s ready to take the new brew on the road." So great to be included on this list! Orange Vessels make great gifts for anyone that loves delicious craft beer whether you brew it yourself or not.

Saint Patrick's Day 2018

robert englert

There is no better place to celebrate St. Paddy's day (or any day really) than at Coleman's Authentic Irish Pub in Syracuse's Tipperary Hill neighborhood! You might not be able to fit through the Leprechaun Door but our 32oz little friend sure can (and can also be found in the gift shop!). There will be plenty of live music and great beers to choose from. Erin go Bragh

Orange Vessel Named One of the 7 Best Growlers

robert englert

We are very excited to be included on this list of the 7 Best Growlers! Thanks @hopculturemag

For the Designer — If you’re looking for a smooth finish and a unique design, these kiln-glazed, stoneware growlers are your pick. They are customizable, handmade in Ohio, and feature an ergonomical ring grip, so your fingers won’t be in pain as you carry one to a party. Plus, they’ll keep your beer cold for a few hours

Proud New Members of the NYS Brewers Association

Steve Tarolli

It is with great pride that we announce our membership in the NYS Brewers Association! This prestigious group of libationmakers includes some of the best craft breweries in New York state, and boasts members all the way from Long Island to Buffalo. Being a part of this association is a big step for us, and we're stoked to keep moving and sharing our growlers with everyone who loves beer. Look for us in more breweries this summer, and if you don't have one already (and even if you do, you can never have too many) grab one of our growlers to keep your beer cold all through the hot months ahead.

Leadership Greater Syracuse Holds Pay It Forward Day

robert englert

Leadership Greater Syracuse, a local non-profit dedicated to inspiring current and future leaders to make a difference in the CNY community, recently held a Pay It Forward Day. This event was both a celebration of the LGS Class of 2015's completion of the course, and also a time to take the things they learned and "pay it forward" to their communities and the next generation of LGS leaders. Among other inspirational and challenging events, LGS held a raffle of gifts for the 2016 class, with one of the prizes being a growler from none other than Orange Vessel Co.! We were glad to get to be a small part of this important day for LGS, and are grateful for their great work in and dedication to Central New York!

12/8 Last Day for Custom Orders for Christmas

robert englert

As the holiday season gathers steam, we've been getting lot of custom orders, which we think is really awesome. Seeing how people take what we've made and make them unique for themselves and the ones they love is a great thing. It is also, unfortunately, a time-consuming process due to the setup and shipping involved, and so we have to note here that today is the last day you can order a custom growler and still get it in time for Christmas. Rest assured, you can always still order one after that (and if you haven't you probably should), it just won't make it to you in time for the holidays. So order fast! And drink up.

Table Hopping's Guide to Craft Beer Gifting

robert englert

Table Hopping, CNY's monthly publication of all things entertainment, food & drink, and event-based, featured us in a great write-up of gifts for the craft beer enthusiast in your life. If you've already gotten said enthusiast in your life an Orange Growler (in which case, well done) but are still looking for a little something, be sure to check out the list here, and then see what else is happening in the area this month! We recommend drinking beer from any of the local microbreweries & pubs and ice skating in Clinton Square, thought not necessarily in that order.

Holiday Gift Guides: Meadist

robert englert

If, on the off chance, you hadn't heard, Orange Vessels aren't just great for beer. They'll keep anything you want cool and refreshing, while also being incredibly convenient for carrying your tasty beverage and doing that better than, say, your hands. One of the great things you might want to put into your Orange Vessel is mead, the delicious forefather to all things fermented. It's made primarily from honey, and our friends at Meadist are dedicated to its consumption and exposition.

To that effect, Meadist made up a great holiday gift guide (which can be seen here) which includes our growlers! And encourages you to buy them to fill with mead. Which we certainly recommend doing. We also recommend checking out more of Meadist, as they've got some great information on all things mead, and some excellent recommendations to try if you've never tasted the deliciousness before. Enjoy!

Great Review and Fabulous Imagery from Elias Visuals

robert englert

Carlos Eliason, owner of the blog Elias Visuals, recently got a hold of one of our Slate growlers and reviewed it for us. His feedback was great, and he also took some really great images that show off the smooth finish of the Slate growlers. Head over to his blog and check out his review and his photography, which is quite nice. Thanks Carlos!

LumberJac Love

robert englert


Don't be put off by the title; we're strictly speaking about the awesome Canadian blog LumberJac here. The wonderful gentlemen over there, who are dedicated to finding the perfect products for living life, recently graced us with a tip of the hat and twirl of the mustache. Go to their site to see what they had to say, and stick around to peruse the rest of the awesome gear that they've picked out.

Coming So Soon They're Practically In Your Hands

robert englert


Two really exciting bits of news here; one, that we added a new, nature-inspired color to our lineup, and two, that we got those short-stack ceramic pieces of wonderfulness that are our 32 oz. growlers all set to go! We're pretty stoked about both of these developments, and are looking forward to expanding our products even more in the future. If you have ideas on colors, sizes, collaborations, or anything else, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Let us know below or shoot us an email.

BREWPUBLIC likes our growlers, too

robert englert

Brewpublic, the wonderful Portland-based blog dedicated to everything beer, from news to current events to culture, featured our growlers! We happily provided a growler engraved with their logo for their inspection and they, in turn, gave their earnest thoughts of it. Which were good ones. Check out the article, and be sure to follow Brewpublic for the best of the Brewniverse.

32 oz. Growlers Now in Production

robert englert

Take a sneak peak at the molds that will be making our new 32 oz. brewtotes! Soon these will be filled with slip and little Orange growlers will be popping out everywhere. Check out our process here, and then go over to our store and treat yourself to a new 32 oz. best friend.